Corporate Training Manager – YLG

Job Title: Corporate Training Manager ~ Yankee Leisure Group
Location: Remote ~ Based in the United States

Position Summary:

The Corporate Training Manager is responsible for the development of training programs for both new and existing employees. As a Corporate Training Manager, you will be tasked with creating, implementing, and educating employees throughout the organization on job-specific trainings, software releases and updates, standard operating procedures, and process improvements in a virtual environment. You will also be responsible for instructing employees on company-related policies and ethics in the company, setting up in-job training for workers on ways to increase their efficiency and effectiveness while assisting employees through a wide range of trainings.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop programs and curriculum for employees of the organization for new hire orientation and in-job training.
  • Facilitate all company-wide and job-specific training.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of training to the employees and develop appropriate modifications if needed.
  • Create and maintain professional training documentation for new hires and continuing education.
  • Create virtual training modules for remote employees.
  • Develop knowledge-based and technical application testing to measure comprehension and overall effectiveness.
  • Compliance and regulatory training per region.
  • Create and monitor management reporting on all virtually assigned trainings.
  • Create and maintain metrics and reports for new hire tracking.
  • Monitor 120-day training roadmap with management team.
  • Gain knowledge from Subject Matter Experts to increase the ability to train effectively on required topics.
  • Support other areas of training when needed.
  • Partner with senior and departmental leadership on the development of new training initiatives and content designed to support critical business objectives.
  • Coordinate and assist with department-specific training.
  • Develop and maintain pre-and post-training testing functions to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and initiatives.
  • Ensure training data is accurate and up-to-date and properly cataloged in the relevant database for reporting and analytical purposes.
  • Develop monitoring systems to ensure that all employees are performing job responsibilities according to training.
  • Maintain communication channels with new hires and their managers regarding new hire performance and learning objectives.
  • Prepare for and present webinars, on-site training, record instructional tutorials, and presentations.
  • Evaluation of the participant to ensure the subject material is conveyed in an effective manner.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Desired Personal Characteristics:

  • Detail-oriented and committed to the highest quality.
  • Possess excellent public speaking skills.
  • Self-starter with a positive can-do attitude.
  • Works well under pressure and relishes the responsibility that comes with the job.
  • Problem solving and analysis.
  • Communication proficiency with relevant stakeholders.
  • An open-minded individual that embraces change and innovation.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field required.


  • 5+ years Training remote and in-office workforce or related position.
  • Experience with technologies and best practices for instructional manuals and Learning Management Systems.
  • Demonstrated track record training, coaching, developing professionals.
  • Ability to train with energy, enthusiasm, and dedication.
  • Capable of utilizing a multitude of delivery techniques and activities, to engage adult learners while relating critical concepts.
  • Ability to research, design, and conduct effective training for adult learners in a distance learning environment.
  • Strong communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to multitask in a dynamic environment where priorities change quickly.
  • Ability to work with management to establish training goals and objectives through needs assessment while also functioning as a team player.

Benefits Include:

  • Generous PTO package
  • 401k and health benefits

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